We move quickly but carefully to ensure that you make fast progress and also continue to follow through on the promises you make with those who use your technology. We dive into your tech stack and build a detailed plan that accounts for multiple scenarios. We have been in business for nearly two decades and know how long various tasks take, so you will get an accurate time estimate that we can stick to and deliver on-time.

We work with companies of all sizes; from Fortune 500's all the way down to 1-person shops. Everything is hourly and no job is too small. We're passionate about helping good ideas flourish and we're flexible to work with you as you grow.

Every project is broken down detailing individual features or elements you would like to build and we outline the number of hours that each will take. We will then provide an hour / price estimate per element so that you have an idea of how much everything will cost.

All work is charged hourly. You will receive a good faith/best estimate as to how much time and therefore relative cost the proposed work will take to complete. Monthly retainer fees are also available for Fractional CTO services.

Once the requirements and scope of work have been identified, we dig in. As each engagement is unique, the starting point will vary. When we build an application (or website), we typically start the design process by building mockups that can be easily reviewed and refined prior to building them into the working application. While this process is underway, we can begin work on the backend (or business logic) in parallel such that once the designs are completed, they can be married to the underlying functionality. This is just one example, but regardless of the project specifics, at the end of six weeks, you will have "something" to see, and your project will be well on its way to completion.

You can take a look at our Client Overview page for a list of clients and how we have helped them.